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  • The National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW) will hold its Annual Gala Luncheon next Saturday, May 5, at The Metropolitan Club in Manhattan. This year, the organization will honor Aileen Riotto Sirey, Founder and Chairwoman of NOIAW, for her 32 years of service and for her important contribution to the Italian-American community.
  • What has turned into a sort of Commedia all’Italo Americana for Santorum has shown that the Republican electorate can’t seem to figure out who they want to run in the general election. I still can’t figure out if he’s Pantalone, Dottor Balanzone, Tartaglia or a mix of all three (also referred to as “masks”, these three principle characters or archetypes are pivotal to the Italian Commedia dell'Arte). With time ticking down, it’s pretty much statistically impossible for “Puerto” Rico Santorum to win the GOP nomination. He has reverted to parlour gags accompanying the image he has created for himself as a modern day Savonarola.
  • Op-Eds
    Donna Chirico(February 29, 2012)
    Netflix launches "Lilyhammer," a series made for Norwegian television. In it you'll find almost every known stereotype of Italian/American culture that you can imagine.
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    Stefano M. Ross(February 25, 2012)
    Waiting for the concert on March 1st, we met with Marco Cappelli (guitar) and Jim Pugliese (drums). They promise “to rock the house” when they play at Roulette with Doug Wieselman (clarinet), Josè Davila (trombone) and Ken Filiano (bass)—and with DJ Logic as a special guest.
  • Along with the various observations that have been made by three of our esteemed colleagues (De Stefano, Gardaphé, Krase), and I must emphasize that I am in agreement as well with other sentiments that they raise, one must indeed recognize the merits of Roberto Saviano’s work these past four-plus years. He has put himself, literally, on the line, and we might readily agree that no “fame” or “wealth,” however significant or insignificant it may be, is worth the risk.
  • Passione di John Turturro
    January 20 (6.00 pm). John Turturro is scheduled to meet with Cardinal of Naples Crescenzio Sepe and Antonio Monda at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò. Moderated by Stefano Albertini, they will speak about Naples. Clips from Turturro's latest film, Passione, will be shown