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  • Constructive dialogue at John Jay College. Italian and Italian American authors discussed the changing nature of Italian and Italian American culture in contemporary society. Interview with Anthony Julian Tamburri, Professor and Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College: “The Italians tend to speak more in terms of geography, while the Italian-Americans much less under those terms.”
  • His fame as a great narrator precedes him, and all the American presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama have visited Rome with him telling them its history.  Art historian, Professor Enrico Bruschini led the audience of the Italian Cultural Institute through the symbols, new discoveries and secret codes of Italian art history. Presented by ILICA, in collaboration with the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, the conference “The Cultural Contribution of Italy to Humanity,” celebrated the Unity of Italy through its art.
  • Interview with the official historian of the US Embassy in Rome. Professor Bruschini is giving a lecture at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York about “The Cultural Contribution of Italy to Mankind” promoted by ILICA. @ Istituto Italiano di Cultura 686 Park Avenue, New York, NY (between 68th&69th street) Wednesday November 9th, 2011 5:45 pm
  • Interview with journalist Pino Aprile, author of the successful and contested book Terroni about the conflict between the North, South, and unification of Italy. The cover image of the book effectively communicates its theme: a map of Italy that’s been turned upside down with Sicily on top. The writer tells us about the topics that will be addressed during the upcoming debate between him and Lorenzo del Boca (author of another controversial book entitled Polentoni), moderated by Prof. Anthony J. Tamburri of the Calandra Institute.
  • A meeting with the young translator of "Terroni" authored by Pino Aprile. A book that is hard to convey in English, so we asked her how she approached this challenge.
  • Events: Reports
    Marina Melchionda(April 15, 2010)
    On March 23-25 the Marriott Hotel in Times Square hosted the 57th edition of the North Eastern Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language. We walked around the Italian Boot and met some of the most eminent institutional and social representatives of the Italian community in New York and the US who told us why, in their opinion, an American should learn Italian...
  • Venice - Lagoon: The MOSE System for the Defence Against High Waters
    Interview with Dr. Maria Teresa Brotto, Head of the Department of Design of the Mose Project, Consorzio Venezia Nuova. Dr Brotto, who is in New York to participate to ILICA's 5th Annual Conference "Saving Venezia & Protecting New Orleans" (September 25th) explains how this Italian high-tech project will work and why it provides the right answer to Venice's flooding problems.
  • i-Italy met Chef Andrea Tiberi at Cellar 58, a warm “Italian nest” in the East Village. While cooking in the kitchen of his wine bar, the official chef of ILICA’s 5th Annual Conference shared some of the recipes he will prepare for the occasion with us. The secret behind his success? It all relies in his “Eatalian Style foodilosophy”!