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  • Protests over the construction of the TAV (Treno Alta Velocità) have spread all over Italy, with people blocking highways and city centers. Let's see what are the CONS and what are the PROS.
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    Judith Harris(December 01, 2011)
    As a culmination of this year’s celebrations of 150 years of Italian unification, the monumental doors to a series of magnificent halls, which overlook the main square on one side and the interior court of honor on the other, are being opened to visitors for an unusual exhibition, free of charge to all comers, to last just three months
  • Premier-Designate Mario Monti is often described in the media as Super Mario or Sober Mario. His government has had the support of banks, universities and the Roman Catholic Chruch
  • ROME - The front page of Il Sole-24 Ore, Italy's leading financial daily, said it all today, in a gigantic headline with just two words, written in 6-inch-tall letters: FATE PRESTO - Do it fast. And fast is what is happening today. President Giorgio Napolitano's appointment yesterday of the prestigious Mario Monti, front-runner to replace Berlusconi as premier of a government intended to stop the dithering, paved the way. Things are indeed speeding up, and today the political know-it-alls were already putting together a guess list of possible ministers to serve with Monti. This weekend is shaping up as crucial, and when I phoned the Quirinal Palace to see about a possible visit (the palazzo (it's open every Sunday), I was told that it will likely be closed for consultations with party leaders. Berlusconi's resignation, following a vote--due this weekend--over the budget as presented to the EU, is moving closer.
  • The President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano received the Presidential Medal from New York University. The focus was on Italian politics, Libya and the European Union.