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    Tiziana Rinaldi Castro(February 17, 2014)
    Once again on music, politics, culture, and life in New York. But also on the Sanremo Festival—for decades the platform for main- stream music in Italy. Pagani is directing it for the second year in a row, and we want to know why. "As we used to say, the quality of everything one does is political, so music is always political in that it has a political effect. An ugly song is a 'carrier' of subculture whereas a good song is the opposite, so the only way to be positive in music is to produce beautiful songs."
  • Fabrizio de André, the so-called Italian Bob Dylan.
    NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò hosted a traveling tribute to de André, an icon of Italian music. The idea was born out of the publication of Ferdinando Molteni’s and Alfonso Amodio’s book titled Controsole. Fabrizio De André e crêuza de mä.
  • A concert at Joe's Pub in NoHo to present his latest album in front of an international public; a glass of wine and a long chat in SoHo. During our moments spent in New York together with Gianmaria Testa we listen and talk about love, roots and travels, about Europe and America... Then we return to Italy, to its political, cultural and social issues, to its transformations and the new problems to be faced. First of all, immigration
  • The Italian Consulate General in New York is sponsoring a free public concert which will introduce the U.S. to Fabrizio De Andrè. His music will be interpreted by Mauro Pagani, De Andrè’s friend and musical collaborator who is also a versatile musician in his own right, capable of playing everything from 70s rock to folk and ethnic music