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You chose: dolce&gabbana

  • 8) Città tropicale, Dolce & Gabbana
    Tropical vibes all around for this summer, and there’s no doubt everyone will be pleased. Bright colors, tropical animals, and wild vegetation are the undisputed protagonists of this period, providing the right amount of cheerfulness to live the most enjoyable season of the year to its fullest.
  • For a comfortable, romantic, softly lit, playful and wry spring. The watchword is vintage. Italian stylists have come to us bearing gifts inspired by the world of dance and the splendors of childhood. Our recommendations for intimate apparel, on the other hand, lean toward the sexy and (obviously) vintage. For your own personal downtime, only trust designs wedded to fashion. As for your wrist, go romantic—without a shadow of a doubt. And for you first jog across the grass left behind by the snow? Below you’ll find some decidedly different shoes….
  • After a rich year of events dedicated to design, culture and art, laFondazioneNY wraps up 2014 on December 8 with a gala to be held at the Museum of the Moving Image. The evening will include a sneak peek of “Costumes For Cinema From Atelier Tirelli Summer 2015,” an exhibition dedicated to the spectacular costumes made by Tirelli Atelier for the big screen since the 1960s.
  • i-Italy went to the Première Vision Preview at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The show offered a large selection of fabrics as well as high quality trimming collections and represented the ultimate guide to the season's main trends. We spoke with the General Manager, Jacques Brunel, the Italian Trade Commissioner, Aniello Musella, and a few Italian participants.