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  • Fabbrica's Ambience
    Journalist, writer, interior designer, filmmaker, and restaurateur, Alberto Baudo used all of his experience and creativity to open Fabbrica, his Italian restaurant near the Williamsburg waterfront–a formerly industrial area in Brooklyn. More than just a simple restaurant, Fabbrica is a “factory” of ideas that puts a modern twist on traditional Italian gastronomy, all in a space that is rich in events–from live concerts to art and poetry.
  • Events: Reports
    Mila Tenaglia(December 02, 2015)
    Ierimonti Gallery is delighted to present two opening: “Look very closely”, an exhibition featuring some of the most representative works of Marcel Duchamp and Gianfranco Baruchello and FUSION | PRINTS & JEWELS a group exhibition that emphasizes the graphic works of some of the most important artists of the postwar period.
  • Fashion designer and visionary Elio Fiorucci was found dead in his Milan home on Monday. He was 80 years old. Famous for their stretch jeans, his brand’s eccentric, funky and sometimes promiscuous image encapsulated the youthful enthusiasm which characterized the disco era during which the Fiorucci cherubs were such a powerful fashion force.
  • For Dario Nardella, the mayor of Florence currently visiting New York, there is a great cultural bridge tying together “New York, the world’s greatest global city, and Florence, the world’s smallest global city”. During his brief trip, a plan for property investment in his city was also presented.
  • Andy Warhol made some of the most recognizable art of the 20th century. Now two students from Palermo borrow his loud, colorful style to send a message about art and politics to their sleepy city