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What is Identità Golose?

Eataly Magazine (October 02, 2018)
Every year, the acclaimed international chefs’ forum brings together Italy’s most notable chefs

This fall, Identità Golose is returning to Eataly for its ninth edition in the United States. Every year, the acclaimed international chefs’ forum brings together Italy’s most notable chefs and the U.S.’s most celebrated culinary personalities in a rare culinary convention that is open to the public.

Identità Golose was founded in 2004 by Italian food journalist Paolo Marchi with the aim of highlighting the best of contemporary Italian cuisine, showcase the culinary excellence of each Italian region, and honor the top Italian chefs who proudly blend traditional techniques with modern methods.

Tall order? Not for Paolo!

The first Identità Golose event was held in Milano in 2005; it has continued every year since in Italy, showcasing the greatest Italian and international chefs, pastry chefs, and artisanal producers. The success of Identità Golose in Italy eventually led to the spread across the world, first with London in 2009, followed by the U.S. in 2010.

In fact, the first American Identità Golose was hosted by our own Eataly NYC Flatiron! Americans immediately fell in love with the unique series of events. Sipping wines, we watched all-star Italian chefs work side by side with New York City's celebrated culinary personalities as they prepared delicious and creative dishes, sharing the latest techniques and trends that define today’s culinary world with guests and — each other — along the way.

Really, what's not to love?

Eataly NYC Flatiron has hosted the forum every year since, along with other Eataly stores across the USA. And for the first time this year, Eataly NYC Flatiron will be joined by our newest store, Eataly Los Angeles!

Intrigued? This October, you can experience Identità Golose for yourself! It's true. You too can sip wine as you taste creative dishes prepared and plated before your eyes by the world’s most talented chefs, from Peru's Virgilio Martinez to Italy's Massimo Bottura. Why wouldn't you?