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  • Fatti e Storie
    Maria Rita Latto(April 23, 2011)
    Roma si prepara alla Beatificazione di Giovanni Paolo II, il Papa definito già a poche ore dalla sua morte talmente “magno” da meritare il rito abbreviato sui tempi degli usuali processi canonici
  • Facts & Stories
    Maria Rita Latto(April 22, 2011)
    Rome is getting ready for the Beatification of John Paul II, the Pope who few hours after his death was defined so “great” as to deserve an abbreviated process over the usual canonical times
  • On Monday, January 31, at 8am, Italy launched Click Day, the digital presentation of immigrant employment according to the planned quotas. The first applications to reach the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be accepted
  • E' scattato in Italia il Click Day, l’operazione di presentazione per via telematica delle domande di assunzione di immigrati in base alle quote previste. Verranno accettate le domande arrivate per prime sul sito del Ministero degli Interni
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    Maria Rita Latto(January 22, 2011)
    Tullia Zevi died Saturday at the age of 92. She was one of the historic post-war leaders of Italy's Jews and the only woman to ever hold the post of president of the country's Jewish communities. i-Italy met her two years ago. It was an honor for us. Here we re-publish that interview, where she talked about her life and her anti-Fascist militancy in New York.
  • Words and actions that attracted the attention of the national media and the general public and caused controversies and debates in the political world. Gheddafi's visit, intended to strengthen the ties between Tripoli and Rome, was a show that included 30 thoroughbred Berber horses and 40 “Amazonian” bodyguards. The Colonel also held lessons at the Libyan Cultural Center, with 500 women hired and paid by an agency to attend them
  • Facts & Stories
    Maria Rita Latto(August 25, 2010)
    Despite the fact that the majority of Italians are on holiday, politics, politicians, journalists, and the media in general are having a really “hot summer.” And “hot” doesn’t necessarily refer to the temperature on the thermometer! Although the Parliament is closed, in fact, the vacation season could not prevent a political crisis involving the governing party against the opposition
  • On August 2, 1980 a bomb exploded at the Central Railway Station of Bologna killing 85 people and wounding more than 200. The attack, which had been attributed to a neo-fascist group of terrorists, was considered to be the culmination of a decade of violence by right and left extremist groups. Today, 30 years later, Prime Minister Berlusconi decided not to send ministers and other officials to attend to the ceremonies of commemoration
  • Proviamo a fare il punto sugli avvenimenti legati alla legge sulle intercettazioni, denominata legge Bavaglio, che tiene banco ormai da diverso tempo in Parlamento. Mentre gli altri Paesi si occupano della crisi ecomico-finanziaria, in Italia ...
  • Giorgio Napolitano's visit to the White House on May 25, 2010 strengthened the friendship and mutual sympathy between Barack Obama and our President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. However the Italian press found just a little space for some analysis and comments by eminent experts of international politics who expressed their opinions about the status of the relationship between United States and Italy during the Obama administration.