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Articles by: Stefano Albertini

  • Gianni Amelio. Movies, and Everything After
    Art & Culture
    Stefano Albertini(September 18, 2014)
    One of the most influential Italian film directors of our times speaks about his cinema, his vision of life, and his life when he is not working.
  • From concerts to art exhibits, from academic lectures to conversations with writers, directors, actors, and singers, from film screenings to theatrical performances, the Casa’s calendar is studded with treats for people of all generations and backgrounds. From the outset, the Casa has promoted Italian culture in the broadest sense of the term. Its decision to focus on contemporary Italy is prompted by the desire to present New Yorkers with a country that is not an outdoor museum but rather a modern, complex place that remains pivotal to the international scene, whatever its shortcomings.
  • As part of its celebration of the Year of Italian Culture, Italy is commemorating the 500th anniversary of The Prince. And Machiavelli always fills US classrooms. "when you offer a course on Machiavelli at an American university you can rest assured that your class will always be full"
  • A defense of the Italian public school system, attacked by the Prime Minister these days, comes from a New York professor, with an American PhD and who works for a private university. Personal recollections but also references to the history of the Italian school fill this piece which we share completely. As Albertini writes, one must not forget that public school not only had an educational function, but also political. Italian unity was obtained in classrooms. Underpaid but respected teachers created a national sense of belonging by teaching our language, history and literature.
  • Proviene da New York, proprio da un professore che ha conseguito un dottorato americano e lavora in un'Università privata, la difesa per la scuola pubblica, messa sotto accusa dal Premier in questi giorni. Ricordi personali ma anche cenni sulla storia della scuola italiana caratterizzano questo intervento che condividiamo pienamente. E non va dimenticato - come scrive Albertini - che la scuola pubblica ha avuto non solo un’evidente funzione educativa ma anche politica. L’unità degli italiani si è fatta sui banchi di scuola. Insegnanti malpagati, ma stimati, hanno creato un senso di appartenenza nazionale attraverso l’insegnamento della nostra lingua, storia e letteratura
  • Washington. Prof. Stefano Albertini, Director of Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò at NYU, met the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano on the occasion of a private encounter with a group of professors in important American universities. Here are his impressions and feelings... Stay tuned. For more on this important topic...