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  • Interview with Milena Vukotic: the actress, one of the most beloved stars of Italian cinema, theatre, and television, discusses Fellini and Woody Allen. Regarding MeToo, she says “it’s good that we are talking about this today and that certain facts have emerged. Yet, I don’t think it will cause the power dynamics between producers, directors, and actresses to change much. And there is also still much work to be done regarding the issue of equal pay, which in the United States is a hot source of debate amongst male and female colleagues.”
  • Antico Forno Roscioli
    In Italy's historic cities, traditional shopkeepers and craftsmen are struggling to preserve the nation's heritage from the invasion of "trash stores" hustling fast food, alcohol and souvenir trinkets. Florence set the example. Now Rome hopes to follow suit.
  • To Rome With Love - Official Trailer (HD)
    Woody Allen presented his last work, a gift of love to the Eternal City and to Italy. The movie is a combination of adventures and misadventures of everyday people, such as Benigni’s character, Leopoldo Pasaniello, a common employee that suddenly and with no apparent reason becomes a celebrity and is stalked by paparazzi