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  • Vittore Carpaccio Miracle of the Relic of the Cross at the Rialto Bridge Venice. Gallerie-dell’Accademia
    Writer and cultural critic Alain Elkann in conversation with Donatella Calabi, curator of the 500th Anniversary exhibition on the Venice ghetto. Presented by Marsilio Editori and Rizzoli on September 19th in collaboration with Centro Primo Levi. Venice, the Jews and Europe 1516-2016 is a companion book to the exhibition by the same title mounted at Palazzo Ducale in Venice for the 500th Anniversary of the establishment of the ghetto.
  • Facts & Stories
    Judith Harris(September 11, 2016)
    Even as the ever larger tourist crowds jam its narrow calle, Venice continues to lose almost four local residents every day. What is to be done? Seeking answers, the young Venetians of "Generazione 90" staged a successful march, with shopping carts.
  • A solo exhibition of the Italian artist and kinetic and op art innovator Franco Costalonga at the GR gallery. On view, thirty of his works from the Seventies until today, including his best known series “Oggetti Cromocinetici”, “Riflex”, “Gradienti di Luminosità” and “Mokubi”.
  • On the 500th anniversary of the establishment of the Venetian Ghetto (1516 - 2016). In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. and the Italian Cultural Institute in NY. The concert will feature the singer and cantor Enrico Fink and a seldom performed repertoire in Italian, Hebrew, Yiddish and Spanish.
  • Mammoth Cruise ship in the port of Venice
    In a fiery new book described as a “pamphlet,” the authoritative archaeologist Salvatore Settis attacks Venice. For Settis, the beloved but troubled lagoon city has now become nothing more than a merchandise mall, in which there is just one inhabitant for every 600 tourists trotting through. Today, the local population had sunk to only 56,684 as of June 2014 whereas, in an almost terrifying contrast, the city has 6 million visitors annually.
  • Looking ahead to September, Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores had compiled a film from 44,000 volunteers which will debut at the Venice Cinema Biennale on Sept. 2, giving a portrait of Italy and Italians taken, as if a snapshot, on Oct. 26, 2013.
  • In Venice, the International Art Exhibition celebrates its 55th anniversary, embracing 88 countries from all over the world. This year's edition will be named "The Encyclopedic palace," and it will mix different inspirations, inflections and movements together.