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    Natasha Lardera(September 01, 2019)
    The summer months in Italy welcome many food festivals. Among them, two celebrate Italy's two DOP garlics: Aglio di Voghiera DOP, hailing from the province of Ferrara, in Emilia-Romagna, and Aglio Bianco Polesano DOP, from Polesine, in Veneto. Garlic is an important ingredient in Italian cuisine but it is not used in everything, many still believe it is, as its distinctive taste can sometimes detract from that of other more shy ingredients.
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    Eataly Magazine(December 09, 2017)
    Perfect for both your next holiday party or a weeknight at home, this simple spaghetti recipe perfectly highlights the rich, buttery flavors of caviar. Dress up any occasion with the prized product!
  • PastaMania #4. "Spaghetti alla Puttanesca"
    This celebrated Southern dish is comparatively young for Italian standards; its popularity spiked in the 1960s. It gets its name from the word "puttana", meaning (pardon our Italian) "whore." Nobody really knows where this name comes from, but some argue that it's a reference to the sauce's hot, spicy flavor. It's also a quick, cheap meal--not politically correct, but definitely tantalizing.
  • The popular singer talks eating disorders with a group of young female students during the “It's Our Turn” conference held in Los Angeles. She confessed she was bulimic and the constant vomiting was taking a toll on her voice.