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  • Is the 'Italian Case' so peculiar after all? Here are excerpts from articles and documents that present the arguments in defense of Berlusconi. We felt it interesting to make these arguments available to the American public, in a country which surely isn't new to exploiting judicial investigations and sexual scandals for political purposes. Nor to the dangerous mix between politics and morality--whatever the latter may mean for each and all of us.
  • Whereas sociological studies showed that Italians are wonderfully happy with sex, the powerful and privileged are the exception, for they are obliged to resort to paid escorts and/or “masseuses” of one sex or another, sometimes offered as freebies from business associates. Since they are obviously unhappy, they need help...
  • The fact that you can't change human nature is no excuse for ignoring it and since media coverage of politics is hardly natural there's even less reason for avoiding reality. As I have often said, the difference between American and Italian politics: is that, unfortunately (purtroppo), there is no difference in that on both sides of the Atlantic the trivial is deemed importance and the important is trivialized
  • Sex and the City the movie, I'm just not that into you. For anyone who was a fan of the series, and who also happens to have a brain, this film version is sure to be a disappointment. The girls are back, and they may have plenty of style, but not much else