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  • In Italy, pressures are mounting for earlier elections because of corruption scandals that have rocked the governments of Italy's two most important regions: Lazio and Lombardy. Both regional governments have been brought down by shock waves of financial misdeeds, which have forced their governors to resign.
  • The Polverini scandal (her resignation Monday as President of the Lazio Region) marks a new sea change in Italian politics because it overturns the idea that decentralization is the solution to Italy's problems.
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    Judith Harris(September 22, 2012)
    Scandal at the Lazio regional government. A party, which was attended by around 2,000 people and cost 30,000 euros, was held in Rome. The event under the theme, “Ulysses returns and confronts his enemies” was organized a member of the regional government. In more than one photo Renata Polverini, head of the regional government, appears surrounded by grinning guys, girls in skimpy garb and geezers from her governing body, turned out in togas