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  • This one of a kind exhibit, “Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints into Maiolica and Bronze,” will be displayed in Washington D.C starting April, 1 at the National Gallery of Art thanks to Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust, and The Exhibition Circle of the National Gallery of Art.
  • Vice President of Ierimonti Gallery, Cesare Luigi Caini
    We interviewed Cesare Luigi Caini, the Vice President of New York’s Ierimonti Gallery and the Head of the Prints Department. A collector and expert on printing, Caini spoke with us about collecting and curating art between Europe and America. He combines profound knowledge with extensive experience in dealing with print collectors on an international level. His secret? “Experience, a good eye, and a deep knowledge of history.”
  • Web. Print. Television. A mobile app. And now a Fiat 500 to go around New York tracking everything Italian. Is this new or old media? Global or local? And what’s our business model? Believe it or not, it’s all about staying free. "People have got to stop talking about new media and old media. We’re not ashamed of print media. Nor do we bow to the altar of TV. Maybe it’s because we started out on the web."