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  • Take a look at what's in store for the new year!
    We reached out to the heads of different Italian and Italian-American institutions in and around New York to find out what major events they have planned for the upcoming year. Here’s what they responded...
  • Art & Culture
    Joelle Grosso(November 03, 2016)
    On Tuesday November 1st, Ann Goldstein and Marco Belpoliti met at the Italian Academy on Columbia University campus to talk about the renowned Italian author, Primo Levi.
  • "The jury gives the award to the master of vastness and detail, that looks at the world as a place for meditation, for his book "Un mondo che non puo' essere migliore" (A world that could not be better). Art critic and refined music expert, Ashbery creates poem-pictures and poem-scores". On December 5 John Ashbery was awarded with the "Premio Napoli Prize" 2009 for International Literature during a ceremony held at the Italian Academy at Columbia University and organized in collaboration with the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute/ Queens College, CUNY. With him, the President of the Fondazione Premio Napoli Silvio Perrella and the famous and multi-awarded poet Charles Simmic