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  • News from a top Italian prosecutor that Rome is among Europe's safest cities has resounded beyond Italy. In the Eternal City the number of intentional homicides has fallen by half. But other problems persist, from corruption to cocaine.
  • For the sixth year in a row experts from sixteen nations convened in the tranquil Umbrian city of Amelia June 27 – 29, for an interdisciplinary conference organized by the Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA). Among the speakers from as far away as New Zealand and New York were detectives and bookworms, archeologists and art historians, police and intelligence officers, and attorneys and sitting judges. High on the agenda was the protection of the cultural heritage in wartime
  • Davide Cerullo comes from the gangland of Scampia, Naples. Once a drug hustler, he finally rebelled to the "easy life" the Camorra offered him: "Give people an opportunity, and real miracles can happen." Co-author of "Ali Bruciate, I bambini di Scampia" (Burnt Wings, The Children of Scampia), he is exhibiting his photographs of these child soldiers at the "Casa della Memoria e della Storia," Rome (7/2-10/22)
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    Jerry Krase(December 13, 2009)
    The recent trials and tribulations of American-Italian Amanda Fox, and Italian Americans John A. "Junior" Gotti, and Joseph Bruno raise some important questions about the differences between law and justice here (qua) and there (li).
  • Political disagreements and preoccupations are voiced. Will the tests also used to stop illegal immigration? Will people's dignity always be respected? May this be the beginning of an effort to “catalogue" the entire population?