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  • Cerasuolo di vittoria
    Last May the Wine Media Guild, an association of wine writers, organized a tasting and lunch featuring the red wines of Sicily. I am the co-chair of the organization and was the member sponsor of this event. The wines were from all over the island and ranged in price for $12.99 to $159.99.
  • L’INMP - Istituto Nazionale per la promozione della salute delle popolazioni Migranti e per il contrasto delle malattie della Povertà - in collaborazione con l’Azienda Ospedaliera per l’Emergenza Cannizzaro di Catania - ha organizzato il 23 e 24 novembre, nell’ambito del Progetto europeo “CARE - Common Approach for REfugees and othermigrant’shealth” l’evento formativo “Salute e Migrazione: l’approccio transculturale” (Programma e scheda progetto in allegato).
  • Both the daily horde of exhausted, hungry immigrants landing on the shores of Sicily and those who tend to them after their arrival are in despair. Even before this week some 2,000 immigrants were known to be on the island. Twice those from last year are arriving, even as the season of fair weather has only begun. The police prefect of Sicily has appealed for help from Rome, but in the meantime the Sicilian holding centers are on the verge of collapse. Many, including a number of pregnant women, arrived via Libya from Syria
  • The National Organization of Italian American Women, in collaboration with ANFE (Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Emigranti), is organizing a trip to Sicily (Palermo, Catania, and surrounding areas) and Rome from April 20 to April 29. Take a break from your everyday life and reconnect with your roots in this relaxing and fun tour! Show-biz stars Joe Bologna and Renee Tayler will accompany you throughout the trip , while former governor of the State of New York Mario Cuomo and his wife Matilda will join the group for some of the activities scheduled! The trip is open to everybody, but very few places are left. Hurry up!