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  • The Cathedral of Syracuse
    There are so many ways to explore Sicily. This time we chose to highlight the southwestern side of the Island and its baroque treasures. Baroque Sicily has a particular charm, one that epitomizes Mediterranean aesthetics.
  • “Caravaggio-The Soul and the Blood” is making its West Coast premiere in Los Angeles. The film, produced by Sky Art Cinema and Magnitudo Film, tells the story of the famous, Italian Baroque painter Caravaggio and his works. This event was organized by the IIC Los Angeles in collaboration with Sky.
  • "Boy with a Basket of Fruit" (1593-4)
    From November 21, 2017 until February 18, 2018, Los Angeles’ Getty Center will be showcasing three of Caravaggio’s paintings in collaboration with Fendi and the Galleria Borghese to support the construction of the Caravaggio Research Institute.
  • Eni & Art: Bringing Classic Masterpieces to the Crowds. Italy's leading multinational oil and gas company, has worked hard to bring art to a wider public: the formula was first developed in 2008 as an opportunity for dialogue and exchange, with the main objective of exhibiting a single work and offering space for new interpretations. Now, after two centuries, Raphael's The Madonna of Foligno travels back to Foligno itself
  • Giovane Caravaggio - Clip
    The controversial study “Young Caravaggio – One Hundred Rediscovered Works” published by art historians Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz and Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli is dividing the scientific community. The claims of the research, that attributes to young Merisi 83 drawings from the Peterzano Collection for a total value of €700 million, are being challenged by the statements from the collection’s curator Francesca Rossi, who told AP that the experts have never stepped foot in the Sforzesco Castle where the drawings are kept, and only worked on photographs.
  • "Una vita dal vero" is an exhibition on view until May 15 at La Sapienza University that sheds new light on Caravaggio's life thanks to new historical documents meticulously restored by a team from Tor Vergata University