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  • Video Screenshot
    Italy will participate this week at the NAFSA Association of International Educators education fair in the US. Thanks to the support of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation a special video was prepared for this occasion. You will follow John and Li in their journey. Visit the Italian pavilion!
  • The John D. Calandra Institute's Annual Conference promises to be a memorable one in 2012. "Reimagining White Ethnicity: Expressivity, Identity, Race" brings together scholars studying different ethnic groups in contemporary America to redefine the idea of Ethnicity. i-Italy interviewed Dr Joseph Sciorra to know more about the Conference.
  • Food For Thought / Stuzzichini ("Terre Promesse")
    On April 22-24, the Calandra Italian American Institute will host "Terre Promesse: Excursions Towards Italian Topographies", a conference that will guide you on a journey through Italian cultural landscapes around the world. Find out with Joseph Sciorra, folklorist and Assistant Director for Academic and Cultural Programs at the Calandra, why this event is definitely not to be missed!