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  • Previously barred from registering their boys born via surrogacy as their legal children, judges ruled in the couple’s favor, claiming that a parental relationship should not be determined exclusively by a biological link.
  • MOTHER DAY. A STORY FROM OUR BLOGGER, A SPECIAL ITALIAN MUM IN CHINA. "Like in a hospital nursery where new parents smile at each other, exchanging congratulations and commenting on their babies’ hair, eye color, skin complexion and weight…so all of us new adoptive parents having dinner around a big Chinese table, peacefully talk about our children’s ‘imperfections’: spina bifida, missing limbs, benign tumors…"
  • "Will I be forced to quit my job in order to stay with my daughter in Kenya? Will I manage to get her out of here if things get worse? Could we travel to another country in East Africa? Even Rwanda looks appealing from Kenya at this point in time"