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  • Riccardo Muti led a free concert in L'Aquila for survivors of the earthquake. The conductor, between engagements in Salzburg and Chicago, directed an all-Abruzzese scratch orchestra and chorus of three hundred, including students from the famed conservatory here, itself severely damaged
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    M. M.(June 17, 2009)
    ‘Journey to La Dolce Vita’ is a photo exhibit/movie festival/concert for charity that celebrates the glamour of Italy in the 50’s and 60’s. The initiative’s aim is to raise funds to benefit children victims of the recent earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy
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    Simona Zecchi(April 21, 2009)
    As I slept soundly in my bed, I could not understand what that noise was: tinkling, shaking, bumping. I thought my dreams were overwhelming reality. The shake went far beyond normal settling for me to misunderstand it...
  • Half a century ago, famous Italian novelist Ignazio Silone wrote about the 1915 earthquake in Abruzzo. He commented that what happened afterwards -- the reconstruction -- because of the way it was done, appeared as "a far greater calamity than the natural cataclysm." We are re-publishing that passage here as a contribution to a better understanding of the discussions that are developing in Italy today.
  • The famous Italian writer addresses a letter to her unfortunate Abruzzese fellows. i-Italy has translated the text for its readers. Hers are words filled with deep sadness but also great hope. She also mentions her important upcoming project: the opening of camp libraries for the displaced people in the Region
  • City Hall Abruzzo Earthquake
    Two days after the Abruzzo earthquake, members of the Italian American caucus of the New York City Council call upon everybody, regardless of their ethnic background, to assist with the relief effort
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    (April 07, 2009)
    Italian-American and Italian institutions, organizations and associations in the United States are mobilizing to offer concrete support to the survivors of the earthquake that hit the Abruzzo Region last Monday. Find out how you can contribute to this cause