June 10, 2014
08:00 pm

Free for Members: IN SCENA! Italian Theater Festival NY: L'ITALIA S'È DESTA (Full Performance)

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò
24 West 12th Street
10011 New York, NY
United States

This event is part of IN SCENA! Italian Theater Festival NY 2014


Please note: This event is FREE for Members of Casa Italiana.

Member-only RSVP: 212-502-7944
RSVP deadline: 24 hours prior to event start. All seats will be released 10 minutes prior to scheduled start.
(For all other inquiries please call 212-998-8739)


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L'Italia s'è desta [Italy has Arisen]

Written and directed by Rosario Mastrota

Produced by Compagnia Ragli

Starring Dalila Desirée Cozzolino

L'Italia s'è desta tells the story of Carletta, a Shakespearean village fool, who witnesses the kidnapping by the Calabrese mafia - 'ndrangheta - of the Italian national soccer team. The army, politicians and journalists, too busy creating a media storm around the event, and blinded by the magnitude of the news, don't notice her. She's the only person who knows where the team is hidden - but nobody believes her. The show's title is a quote from the Italian national hymn.