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For decades, scientists have known that the southeastern slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano on the eastern shore of Sicily in Italy, are shifting toward the sea about 2 or 3 centimeters each year. Now, they have a better idea of why this is happening, and it’s making them worried.

Remains suggest ancient continent was home to many different types of human.

Italy turned a few heads in last year's Women's Six Nations, finishing level on points with Ireland and earning two wins on the way to a fourth-place finish.match if they were to be drawn together.

There's nothing like being in Italy, and the country's central region of Umbria is often called il Cuore Verde d'Italia, the "Green Heart of Italy," for its verdant meadows and rolling hills. But the green heart of the green heart of Italy might be a single pine forest on an Apennine hillside near Castelluccio.

The new book “Incompiuto: The Birth of a Style,” by the art collective Alterazioni Video, contains photographs of 696 of Italy’s many incomplete public buildings.

Known as the 'safe beaches' directive, the new set of measures aims to clamp down on the trade and production of counterfeit goods by illegal vendors in and around Italy's beaches.

The 2018 edition of the festival will focus on Italian design and the city of Naples through film, music, and gastronomy.

Living history can often come with a steep price tag, but if you’d like to stay in a richly evocative dwelling and not break the bank, a good solution is to book at one of The Landmark Trust’s remarkable Italian properties.

The ideal match between the Italian luxury lifestyle TONINO LAMBORGHINI brand and the highly innovative Chinese mobile company Meitu will bring to China a new and fashionable limited-edition smartphone.

"I think the more you learn about your culture, the more interest you will have. That’s what I wanted to accomplish with my project. I always thought it was important to know about your culture, but now I know that it’s important.’’