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Occhio contro occhio

The Italian-American Political & Moral Bocce Club of Paradise’s Inaugural Annual May Day Dinner Dance, Gala, and Reception

Joseph Sciorra (April 12, 2010)

Another blog post about a very real event parodying ongoing surreal phenomena.


The Italian-American Political & Moral Bocce Club of Paradise*

cordially invites you to its 
Inaugural Annual May Day Dinner Dance, Gala, and Reception**
Friday, April 30, 2010, 6:00pm
Floyd NY
131 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(between Henry and Clinton Streets)
(bocce court on the premises)
The Italian-American Political & Moral Bocce Club of Paradise celebrates its inaugural annual May Day Dinner Dance, Gala, and Reception in honor of the anarcho-syndicalist bocce leagues that fought for workers’ rights and created a transnational, radical political culture of bocce through direct action and organized resistance. By celebrating our ancestors in this way we restore the dignity of Italian-American radical bocce to its rightful place in history.
The IAP&MBCofP will also announce the recipient of the Achille Brioschi Student Scholarship Award for research in the fields of science, social science, or humanities advancing the study of the philosophical views and/or medical practices of a smoothly running digestive system as crucial to one’s health and happiness in Italy (except the towns of Lavinio-Lido di Enea, Monteleone di Spoleto, Città di Castello, and the Isola di Dino) or among members of the Italian diaspora. The Brioschi Student will spend twelve and a half weeks at the Università di Benessere di Carunchio, “il D’Avola,” nestled in the Apennine mountains of Abruzzo.
The IAP&MBCofP has the unfortunate distinction to host the decavalierizione ceremony of Supreme Court Justice Joseph P. Novelli. His Honorable Counsel General Torquato Cenzino Tasco di Cutò of the principality of Seborga will take back the prestigious Causa Honoris Knighthood, which Justice Novelli purchased in 1987 without the “long form” birth certificate legalized with the apostille stamp, as is required.
The IAP&MBCofP will give its coveted Ann Corio Award for Outstanding Contributions in Their Field” to the first ten people who show up. 
The IAP&MBCofP implores celebrities and CEOs with names ending in vowels to attend the event, so the Honoree Selection Committee can nominate them for the 2011 IAP&MBCofP Honorees Award
The Italian-American Political & Moral Bocce Club of Paradise is dedicated to the political and moral benefits of Italian-American bocce. Established in September 2009, the IAP&MBCofP has 132 Facebook members.  Its mission is to celebrate the diversity of the nation's estimated 26 million people of Italian descent, their family members and friends, and the larger Italian diaspora world wide, and their family members and friends (but not Italians vacationing in Brazil, Thailand, or the Dominican Republic).
Making a special appearance: Entertainment by Damiano e Le Criterions!
Remember the Italian-American Political & Moral Bocce Club of Paradise’s motto:
Se ‘ng n’amma sci, sciam’nninn, se non ‘ng n’amma sci, non ‘ng’n sciam scenn.
Organizing Committee:
President: Cav. Rust. Enrico Conti, J.C.D., Mech.E.
Vice-President: Veronica M. Sciuè, D.S.S.c., D.M.V.
Secretary: KaNèesha Leilani al-Jamil-O’Neil née Yamaguchi, Esq.
Treasurer: Chickie Santo Janni di Gianola
President, Men’s Auxiliary: Filomena Dobbins
Mondo Bambini Bocce League: Dr. Mary Plaza, D.M.V.
Honorary Academic Consultant: Professor Vanessa Longo-Murphy (Montclair State University)
*Not affiliated with the Italian-American Political & Moral Bocce Club of Paradise of Philadelphia.
**Please indicate your choice of primo (occhi di lupo alla vodka or creste di gallo rigate al cacio e pepe), secondo (beefsteak allo sherry or baccalà al piacere), contorno (asparagi in camicia or insalata di cetrioli e finocchio) and dolce (banana split alla nutella or zuppa inglese all’ungherese). No vegetarian options available.

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