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    Dino Borri(February 26, 2016)
    Six out of ten people in the world subsist on rice; after wheat, it’s the most consumed grain, providing more than half the world’s population with over 50% of its calories. Nearly all rice production—94%—is concentrated in the Far East, and a good 8,000 varieties are known and grouped by grain length.
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    Dino Borri(January 08, 2016)
    Nowadays you may find balsamic vinegar in any supermarket, but you should know just what it is you’re buying. Balsamic vinegar is a complex product with many varieties. There is also an abundance of imitations.
  • Dino Borri(September 23, 2015)
    Miele — a sweetener, a condiment and a preservative; an ingredient for wines, cosmetics, and medicines; even artisans have exploited its properties. Learn a little history of honey and the different ways to classify it.
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    Dino Borri(July 03, 2015)
    Carlo Petrini, founder of the International Slow Food Movement and author of Loving the Earth, is extremely passionate about changing the food industry, taking action now, before it’s too late. He wants to create awareness of the flaws in the way the food industry currently operates, which focuses solely on spectacle and consumerism.
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    Dino Borri(April 02, 2015)
    The centuries-old plant originating in the Mediterranean has been succesfully exported to other parts of the world, but 90% of olive oil is still produced on its home turf. Second only to Spain in production is Italy. 2014-2015 was a bad harvest year for both countries, due to weather conditions, causing a collapse in olive oil production worldwide. Consumers should therefore be careful and learn how to recognize quality oil.
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    Dino Borri(November 26, 2014)
    Learning to distinguish between the different types of flour is important, since not all flours work equally well for making bread and pasta.
  • Fatti e Storie
    Dino Borri(September 29, 2014)
    Nomi stranissimi: il Ramasin, la Bella di Garbana , la Pompìa, Il Porceddu, la Valeggia, il Misso, la Cocomerina… sapete cosa sono? Sono tutte varieta’ di frutta che crescono da nord a sud del bel paese e che Slow Food ha salvato, inserendole nel Progetto dei “Presìdi”.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Dino Borri(September 18, 2014)
    Ramassin, Bella di Garbana, Pompìa, Porceddu, Valeggia, Misso, Cocomerina--know what these strange names stand for? They’re varieties of fruit from the north and south of the bel paese that Slow Food has saved by incorporating them into the list of protected foods put out by the “Presìdi” project.
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    Dino Borri(June 09, 2014)
    A Few Things to Keep in Mind if you want to Make Real “Italian” Bread
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Dino Borri(April 26, 2014)
    Italian companies in Italy have used regional fruit to make soft drinks for over a century, but “sodas” have only recently come back into fashion after vanishing almost entirely from the market. Nowadays it’s not hard to find alternatives to the usual brand name sodas in supermarkets, bars and restaurants.