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  • "Una vita dal vero" is an exhibition on view until May 15 at La Sapienza University that sheds new light on Caravaggio's life thanks to new historical documents meticulously restored by a team from Tor Vergata University
  • Largo Argentina, Rome, Dec.14, 12:45 pm - Via del Corso was entirely sealed off by police vans, and so a sea of demonstrators took a right angle to surge toward this square, whose heart is a series of ancient temples from Republican Rome. They were trying to breach the police blockade of Parliament, where the once and future premier Silvio Berlusconi was facing his vote of confidence. He had already won in the Senate and would squeak through the Chamber of Deputies with just three votes, but the demonstrators did not yet know this
  • Can gypsies in Italy be integrated? In spite of the numerous efforts to address the negative image that people have of them, the stereotype in Italy, and not only here, is that all Gypsies are thieves and beggars. Here are two recent episodes that provoked strong public reactions
  • The National Organization of Italian American Women, in collaboration with ANFE (Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Emigranti), is organizing a trip to Sicily (Palermo, Catania, and surrounding areas) and Rome from April 20 to April 29. Take a break from your everyday life and reconnect with your roots in this relaxing and fun tour! Show-biz stars Joe Bologna and Renee Tayler will accompany you throughout the trip , while former governor of the State of New York Mario Cuomo and his wife Matilda will join the group for some of the activities scheduled! The trip is open to everybody, but very few places are left. Hurry up!
  • "Una Storia Romana" is a documentary that takes us back to Rome, in 1943 when a young girl, Enrica Sermoneta, managed to survive the deportation and the difficult economic conditions; as an adult she tells her story today for the first time
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    Benedetta Grasso(January 22, 2010)
    "Toccata & Fuga" was presented on January 21 at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. Tourists and New Yorkers stopped by and enjoyed Italian masterpieces of all times. The event was organized by the Deputy Mayor of Rome Mauro Cutrufo and the Italian Government Tourist Board in New York
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    L. A. S.(July 29, 2009)
    A “tour de force” in New York for Rome’s mayor, Gianni Alemanno. Important meetings with officials, including one with his colleague Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Mayor Giuliani, as well as a visit to the “Mad Fun Farm,” the first urban garden created by children in New York. And he used the subway system to get around...