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    Maria Rita Latto(June 14, 2008)
    President Bush goes to Rome and contends with an angry populace. Beyond the protests already timed for his arrival, the President's security needs and emergency plans disrupt an entire city, and only add to the popular ire. His "Roman holiday" turns out to be anything but...
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    Judith Harris(April 30, 2008)
    Berlusconi chalks up his second victory this month. “We’ll be licking these wounds for as long as we have tongues, and maybe longer,” was the mournful comment of Alessandro Robecchi, in the left-wing newspaper Il Manifesto.
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    R. C.(February 24, 2008)
    To commemorate the greatly celebrated actress Anna Magnani, Italy will release a postal stamp on March 7, 2008 which would have been the 100th birthday of the legendary Roman
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    (January 05, 2008)
    Thousands of Italian children hunted out stockings on Saturday ahead of Epiphany celebrations that half of Italians still see as an important part of their heritage
  • Daniela decided to came to Italy years ago because, after the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, she lost her job. Now she takes care of our old father. But the death of Giovanna Reggiani has created in her a deep fear...
  • Many parts of the Eternal City are deeply involved in the second edition of the Rome Cinema Fest (18-27 October) that will bring 167 titles including films, documentaries and retrospectives, 24 tributes and meetings with directors, authors and writers, 15 videos, 12 international projects and 14 movies by debutant directors in the New Cinema Network section. And more...
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    FROM ITALY(October 20, 2007)
    A man threw paint into the waters of Rome 's famous Trevi Fountain, that within minutes turned blood red. The act seems to be inspired by the Futurists of the early 1900's...