Sweet Dough Balls Like Chestnuts for Your Italian Carnival

Rosanna Di Michele (February 13, 2021)
Carnival is synonymous of fried treats in Italy. Here is a recipe for Castagnole, small soft balls sprinkled with powdered sugar. The word castagna means chestnut, and these fritters resemble a chestnut in size and shape.

Let's cook these sweet dough balls, delicious Italian sweet, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It is one of the most traditional recipe during Carnival time!

Ingredients (4-6 servings):

Flour (400g) Sugar (100g) Butter (100g), Eggs (4), Baking powder (1 packet) Vanilla extract (1 tsp) Grated rind of one lemon Orange liqueur  (1/4 cup)  Powdered sugar - enough to roll the castagnole in 



-In a bowl combine: flour, sugar and butter cut into cubes. -Add the vanilla, lemon zest and baking powder. -Finally the eggs and mix. -Using your hands, knead the dough. -Shape into cylindrical loaves, cut into pieces and form small balls (chestnuts). -Fry in plenty of hot oil, drain and roll in powdered sugar.

Buon appetito Rosanna

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Ingredienti (4-6 persone): -Farina (gr 400) -Zucchero (gr 100) -Burro (gr 100) -Uova (4)  -Lievito per dolci (1 bustina) -Vanillina (1 bustina) - Buccia grattuggiata di limone -Liquore all'arancia (1/2 bicchierino)


-In una ciotola, lavorare con le mani , la farina, lo zucchero e il burro tagliato a cubetti . -Aggiungere la vanillina, la buccia di limone e il lievito. -Infine le uova e impastare. -Fare dei filoncini cilindrici, tagliare a tocchetti e formare le palline ( castagnole ). -Friggere in abbondante olio , sgocciolare e rotolarle nello zucchero. ...pronte le Castagnole!!!