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  • It travels at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour between Milan, Rome and Naples. The new high-speed train is a welcomed novelty featuring innovative features, exclusive customer service and valuable traveling time. Most of all: it does not belong to the monopolistic, state-supported company 'Ferrovie dello Stato'. Is Italy finally going to open up to market competition in such a strategic sector as railway transportation?
  • New York's Archbishop was one of 22 Catholic churchmen who became Cardinals in a ceremony held in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI. Traditionally Americans are ruled out as papal contenders, with the argument that the world doesn't need a superpower pope. There actually is another American as well, Cardinal Edwin O'Brien.
  • Last week in Rome, a Chinese shop owner named Zhou Zeng, his wife Lia and baby daughter, Joy, six months old, were leaving their store when two men whose faces were hidden by motorscooter helmets held a gun at them and demanded the take. The wife, who speaks little Italian, instinctively gripped her handbag tighter; the husband shouted. One of the two masked gunman responded by shooting to kill. Both baby and husband were killed.
  • The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York was transformed into an important showcase to present Rome, and more in general Lazio, as a land with wide-ranging offerings that go from the cultural to religious tourism, tourism for congresses and conferences, for wines and gastronomy and fashion.
  • Yes, they are back. Visited annually by some 23 million visitors, Piazza Navona is perhaps Rome’s most beloved square after St. Peter’s. At 8:30 Saturday morning, while its cafes were serving cappuccini and corneti, a man of perhaps 45 years of age jumped into the Baroque-era Fountain of the Moor, one of the two side fountains in Piazza Navona. Cameras show that he first tried to strike at the central figure, but slipped and instead smashed at one of the marble masks that decorate the fountain border.
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    Maria Rita Latto(April 22, 2011)
    Rome is getting ready for the Beatification of John Paul II, the Pope who few hours after his death was defined so “great” as to deserve an abbreviated process over the usual canonical times