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    (November 13, 2015)
    All eyes this week were turned across the Tiber and toward St. Peter's, where Pope Francis has stumbled twice in the past 10 days, and the Church itself has been bruised by two new books which document alleged grave financial abuse inside the Vatican. The Church has launched a probe into the two Italian authors over revelations of confidential documents, but for some the issue at stake is freedom of the Italian press.
  • Art & Culture
    Emily Hayes(November 05, 2015)
    he American artist Nathan Sawaya is currently in the ancient city of Rome, showcasing his rather modern large-dimension Lego block sculptures. Located in the Spazio Eventi Tirso (SET) gallery, the show “The Art of Brick” opened this past Wednesday, October 28.
  • The Jubilee Year called by Pope Francis begins in less than six weeks, and, despite tedious delays, the city fathers are forging ahead with their preparations for Rome, from repairing sidewalks to providing first aid centers. A leitmotif is the revival of interest in the Francigena, the centuries-old route pilgrims walked to Rome from North Europe.
  • After over two years in office, Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino has resigned after being dogged by restaurant receipts claimed as official entertaining, but apparently personal. In truth, much of the harsh reaction against Marino is due to the slow progress in Roman preparations for the Jubiliee year that begins Dec. 8. But there are two sides to every story, even this one.
  • Gearing up for the Jubilee Year called by Pope Francis for Dec. 8, the City of Rome is cleaning up its act (and some of its streets), despite the recent, devastating wave of scandals known as “Mafia Capitale” (Mafia Capital). Predictions are that 33 million pilgrims, or from 50,000 to 100,000 a day, will descend upon the Eternal City before Nov. 7 next year.
  • Two recent, devastating fires had put Rome’s Fiumicino airport, host to some 40 million people every year, on front pages worldwide. But what is even more searing is the report this week from Italy’s Transport Minister Graziano Delrio, that for the past two decades the country’s primary international hub has been seriously neglected. This will be remedied, promises Delrio. No less importantly, Culture Minister Dario Franceschini is scheduling major improvements in Italian cultural sites, beginning with the Colosseum.
  • Art & Culture
    Judith Harris(July 28, 2015)
    Despite the graft and graffiti, and the New York Times dissing Rome, Italy continues to vaunt countless islands of excellence, where the landscape is unspoiled, the finest of foods are offered at fair prices, treasures of art are visible and newly restored, and music fills the air. In short, the best of the Italian cultural riches not only survive, but thrive.
  • Life Gallery opens “Tripping”, an exhibition of Sandro Giordano’s ongoing satirical photograph series. How many times have you clumsily stumbled or fallen in your life? How about while holding on to an object you refuse to let go of? Sandro Giordano, AKA __remmidemmi, an actor and photographer living between Rome and Barcelona, started his debut photographic project ‘__IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret)’, just like this.