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    Patricia Orioli(October 23, 2014)
    As for olive oil, whiskey, and more notoriously wine, the possibility of tasting water gives us the chance to learn to appreciate all its sensorial characteristics.
  • Italian language and Italian culture make an inseparable pair. Ilaria Costa, executive director of the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), speaks about this and recounts how difficult it is, in the Tristate area, to promote everything Italian through the language. It’s surprising – but not surprising to us at i-Italy – that many Americans, who do not have a familial relationship with our country, are interested in studying our language. The charm of our culture penetrates America, regardless of the blood ties of its inhabitants.
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    giulia madron(September 18, 2014)
    Located at 1 West 8th Street in the heart of the Greenwich Village, La Panineria Italiana is the perfect place to have the most delicious Italian sandwich—and much more.
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    Natasha Lardera(July 10, 2014)
    With the arrival of summer we all experience an uncontrollable desire for something cold and sweet yet not too fattening so gelato and/or ice cream immediately come to mind. Refreshing and thirst quenching they are ideal to fight against the humid heat of the city and the scorching sun of the beach.
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    Giulia Madron(July 02, 2014)
    At the Summer Fancy Food 2014 in New York, the Made in Italy seduced the many visitors who attended the event with both tradition and innovation. Here are some curious facts that we found while enjoying an amazing Italian food experience.
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    Giulia Madron(June 10, 2014)
    Marco De Ceglie, CEO at De Cecco USA, Leonardo Auricchio, CEO at Barabino & Partners USA and Dino Borri, Manager at Eataly USA, share their perspectives on the Italian Sounding phenomenon: give an “Italian image” to a product that is not Italian at all.
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    Giulia Madron(May 27, 2014)
    Colavita brand presents its new selection of four wines to the American media. The collection hits the US market in collaboration with Terlato wines.
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    N.L.(April 02, 2014)
    Like most holidays, Easter time is another reason for great Italian tradition and cuisine. The Easter lunch in Italy is a delicious reason for a spectacular meal, great company and a primal celebration of the end of winter and nature’s (not just Christ's) rebirth.