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    iwona adamczyk(August 24, 2013)
    Eataly solves one more of our yearly problems... Not sure what to get as gifts for your boss, friends or coworkers? Check out the newly introduces Eataly gift boxes. There is something for everyone, from the sweets lover to wine enthusiast.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    natasha lardera(August 06, 2013)
    As for olive oil, whiskey, and more notoriously wine, the possibility of tasting water gives us the chance to learn to appreciate all its sensorial characteristics.
  • Maybe for fear of the ‘(un)known’ or maybe because it feels more natural to buy products whose name you can read, maybe for the nostalgia that grips you when you’re so far away from your Country…the average expat tends to buy considerable quantities of imported food: meat from Australia and Argentina, UHT milk mostly from France and New Zealand, pasta from Italy and Spain, wines from anywhere but China (the most popular local wine is Dynasty – which foreigners read as “Die Nasty”), imported frozen foods (only if when you get the box out of the supermarket freezer it doesn’t come alive…clear sign that somewhere on its way, it hasn’t been kept at the right temperature and has in the meantime defrosted only to be put in the freezer again ready to be sold), and over the years the variety of imports has increased much to the delight of us foreigners…
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    Iwona Adamczyk(March 18, 2012)
    This spring, hundreds of kids from the Tri-State New York area will learn how to eat and cook healthy with Italian language and cooking classes “Mangia Sano & Parla Italiano” (“Eat Healthy & Speak Italian”) at The International Culinary Center in New York City. The series of six classes are organized by the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE). I-Italy went to the special kick-off to the series