Some New Italian Entries at The Summer Fancy Food 2014

Giulia Madron (July 02, 2014)
At the Summer Fancy Food 2014 in New York, the Made in Italy seduced the many visitors who attended the event with both tradition and innovation. Here are some curious facts that we found while enjoying an amazing Italian food experience.

Did you think you could ever eat and enjoy international food for 3 days in a row with no interruption? Maybe not. But that was before you attended the New York Summer Fancy Food!

It ended yesterday, July 1st, the 60th edition of one of the most important international fairs in North America dedicated exclusively to food. The Javits Center accomodated 2.600 exhibitors -1.600 Americans, all the others Internationals- who offered the many visitors and buyers the opportunity to discover delicious products that make their country unique.

Italy was the real protagonist of the Summer Fancy Food 2014, with more than 350 participations who confirmed just one thing: when it comes to food, Italians do it better!

This year, we not only witnessed the participation of big Italian companies, already established within the US market, but we also noticed the presence of many other smaller ones (even start-ups!) which give us hope in terms of business development and in terms of the magical moment that the Made in Italy is experiencing all around the world.

We would like to share with you some curiosities and new products we found (and of course, tried!) while going around the Italian pavilion.

A very original idea comes from the brand “Chinotto Nella Rete,” a network of 5 companies (Abaton Concept Store Nicchia di Savona, Agriturismo Le Giaire di Calizzano, Il Chinotto di Lurisia, Luana Fornaro azienda agricola di Quiliano, Sensu di Alessio Pamparino di Finale Ligure) with the same mission: promote on a global scale the chinotto, this typical citrus of Savona,Liguria, known also for its various characteristics which allow multiple uses of this fruit. Besides the delicious drinks, liquors and other spirits made with chinotto, this year the “Chinotto Nella Rete” launched some very interesting products which gives to the customer a real sensorial experience. For instance, the line of perfumes made out of the citrus. The “Chinotto Flower Perfume” is a fresh, elegant and sweet fragrance that will take you on a journey through the history of Savona wrapping you with a delicate perfume of fresh green and citrus notes.

Another product that captured our attention was “Guappa” by the Antica Distilleria Petrone. Guappa is the only Italian cream liquor in the world made with buffalo milk of the Campania region and 3 year aged brandy. The company, which has always been rooted within its traditions, decided to give a touch of innovation and introduce this flavorful liquor taking advantage of the unique taste of the buffalo milk, the great resource of its territory. The name “Guappa” comes from the tradition, typical of the buffalo farmers, of giving a name to each animal. The tradition narrates that there was buffalo cow named “Guappa” from the Spanish “Guapa,” which means “beautiful,” who made everyone jealous because of the great quantity of milk she produced and that, during winter, the farmers would mix with alcoholic spirits in order to get warm. “Guappa” by the Antica Distilleria Petrone is a liquor of unique and refine taste you must try!

And for those who do not have a lot of time to cook, here a ready to eat salad, "E' Pronto," made with hulled wheat and vegetables by Luzi Fior di Pietra that you can find at “BuonItalia” inside the Chelsea market, in the heart of Manhattan. The brand launched a line of various products that take advantage of the natural characteristics of cereals and other legumes that are perfect for a diet low in fat and rich in proteins, vitamins, potassium and iron.
Besides the many products produced out of this cereal, of very high digestibility, the spelt salad “ready to go” brings together delicious taste, healthy nutrition and, above all, a great practicality. What’s also curious about this product? Well, it can last 6 months on the shelves of your kitchen. So start stocking up on it!

Moreover, we met a very nice young lady, from Campania, who just started her own business of tomatoes sauces. The name of the brand? “Italianavera” (RealItalian). The name of its creator? Diana Attianese, a woman under 30 with a great passion for food and especially for tomatoes. “Italianavera” was born with the intention of combining a family tradition with an innovative vision of what Italian food represents. In other words, Diana brings together not only the simplicity of the Italian food using very natural ingredients, but also some creativity and design to her products which will guarantee a unique dining experience. Indeed, besides the deliciousness of the sauces, its packaging is very original and innovative. A pleasure for the palate and for the eyes!

Let’s talk sweet now. We want to talk about sugar. This year, at the Fancy Food we found something very interesting: mint sugar. The brand that created it, Essenzialmenta, specializes in products using the mint of Pancalieri, in the Piedmont region, known as the Italian capital of mint. This year they came out with the first mint sugar in the world combining the freshness of mint with the sweetness of sugar. This sugar it’s perfect for the summer. You add it to your water, coffee, milk, tea, juices or cocktails.

Furthermore, we found another company from Treviso, Veneto, that just entered the market. Philipp Breitenberg is a young entrepreneur with a huge passion for organic farming. He and his brother, Manuel, founded the brand “Kiwiny” which offers very genuine products, using only organic kiwis (mixed also with other fruits), that take advantage of the great nutritional benefits of these fruits. The product line includes smoothies, jams and many other juices that allow you to take care of your health without renouncing to taste. A charge of green energy that will make your day.

These are only some of the things we discovered among the all amazing products that were presented at the Summer Fancy Food 2014...just a taste, but all “Made in Italy.”





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