Sicily in Command at Expo 2015 with Montalbano Actors

Alessio Shostak (July 16, 2015)
A host of Sicilian events announced for Milan Expo 2015, reaffirming the Region’s prominent role in the event

The Sicily Region has reaffirmed its influential status as the partner Region - tasked with organizing the Bio Mediterranean Cluster - of the Milan Expo by announcing several prominent events featuring Sicilian origins.

The events will be held both in the Piazzetta Square and the pavilion the region has built for Sicilian-centric events and will run through July 16. 

The announced events vary wildly in their content. First off is a public debate between Angelo Russo, who plays Catarella in the internationally acclaimed mystery television series ‘Commissario Montalbano’, the show’s filmmaker Alberto Sironi and other participants.

A plethora of other activities have also been announced. One among these features Floridian actor Sebastiano Lomonaco, who will entertain crowds with re-enactments of Greek tragedies weaving in the Sicilian dialect into his performance.

The Canunovu, a band that aims to popularise Sicilian fold music via the implementation of Mediterranean rhythms and sounds, shall also be present at the Expo. ‘Infiorata’, a painting technique utilising flowers as opposed to conventional brushes, will also be in the spotlight.

The Sicilian Baroque parade will also perform at the Cardo, one of the main boulevards of the Expo. The performance will be a re-enactment of the Maestranza, a town militia created to defend the town of Caltanissetta in the event of an invasion by the Saracens.