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Tom Verso (July 20, 2009)
This is the second report in the series “Italian Americans by the Numbers” which appears on my ‘’ blog. The series presents demographic data about Italian Americans based on the US Census Department's “2005-2007 American Community Survey (ACS)”. This report provides tables showing the ‘total number of Americans’, ‘total number of Italian Americans' and ‘percentage of Italian Americans’ living in each State, and Census Department defined Regions, Divisions and Metropolitan Areas.


This is the second report in my blog series "Italian Americans by the Numbers".  This series presents demographic data about Italian Americans based on the US Census Department's “2005-2007 American Community Survey (ACS)”.  The ACS collects and produces population and housing information every year instead of every ten years.  The 2005-2007 ACS three-year estimates are based on data collected between January 2005 and December 2007.”

The ACS subdivides national data into geographic Regions, Divisions, States, Metropolitan Areas and Counties.  Data on “Ancestry” (i.e. national origin; e.g. Italy) is available for each geographic category.  This second series’ report provides the data about Italian Americans for the Regions, Divisions, States and Metropolitan Areas.  I can make specific County level data available upon personal request.

Below, there is a Census Department map of the Regions, Divisions and States.  Followed by tables showing the ‘total number of Americans’, ‘total number of Italian Americans’ and ‘percentage of Italian Americans’ living in each state, division, region and metropolitan areas.

For a more detailed introduction to the ACS, please see the first article in this series “Italian Americans by the Numbers - Comparative ethnic population totals and percentages” located at

· – Bloggers – “South of Rome West of Ellis Island”.

If there are any questions comments or requests for particular information, please place in the blog’s comments section or write to me directly at [email protected]. 

Most especially, if anyone notices any errors, please advise me!  The process of moving data from the ACS online database files into Excel; aggregating and computating within Excel, moving Excel data to Word; converting Word and Excel files to picture files which are then uploaded into i-Italy has the potential of introducing errors at each step.  I have checked and rechecked what you see below many times.  Nevertheless, if one sees a mistake or thinks there might be a mistake, I would appreciate it if you would bring it to my attention.  Thank you.


Note: as was shown in the first report, the ACS data shows the total American population is 298,757,310; the total Italian American population is 17,757,310; and the percentage of Italian Americans is 5.95 (i.e. 17,757,310 / 298,757,310 * 100)

Map of Census Regions and Divisions

State Populations alphabetical order


State Population ordered by Total Italian Population

Metropolitan Statistical Area

“A metropolitan statistical area is a geographic delineation, or list of geographic components at a particular point in time, is referred to as its ‘definition.’ Metropolitan areas are defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and are the result of the application of published standards to Census Bureau data. The standards for defining the areas are reviewed and revised once every ten years, prior to each decennial census. Generally, the areas are redefined using the most recent set of standards following each decennial census. Between censuses, the definitions are updated annually to reflect the most recent Census Bureau population estimates.

(note: For Metro areas with less than 20,000 Italian Americans numbers are not reported by the ACS.)


Metropolitan Statistical Areas

(sorted alphabetically)



Metropolitan Statistical Areas