Memoria al Futuro

The Editors (January 27, 2009)
A special issue of i-Italy dedicated to Remembrance Day. For an uncompromising critique of racism, past and present - in Italy, in America, and everywhere in the World.

This special issue of i-Italy, available also in print, is dedicated to Remebrance Day, and it is our contribution to the many initiatives the Italian and Italian/American communities promote in New York to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz. 

First of all, as Italians we feel the civic duty to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, to which Italy sadly contributed by passing the Racial Laws in 1938 and fighting the war from the wrong side of history. Several contributors to this magazine underline this aspect of celebrating Remembrance Day from an Italian point of view. And it is particularly important to highlight, as the Consul General of Italy in New York Francesco Talò says in his opening comment, that “Italy does not forget.”





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