A Fresh Proposal for Venice

Joelle Grosso (October 24, 2016)
  • Flooding in Piazza San Marco
From October 13th to October 16th, the huge D-Nest International Inventors Exhibition was held in Venice and a serious solution to all of the city’s flooding problems was proposed.

The Development Nest, better known as D-Nest, is a new project that was founded just three years ago. According to their website it all began with “the intent of promoting innovation by allowing people to share and search for innovation in a safe environment.”  The International Inventors Exhibition is the largest one in Europe and it serves as a way for the public to attend debates and international workshops as well as a way to hear the innovative ideas of others.

This year, a very interesting plan was pitched by a Venetian inventor named Roberto Padoan. Given that he has spent the majority of his life working as an underwater technical operator, he believes he has figured out a way to deal with Venice’s ever increasing water levels. Padoan created ecological resins that “are made with polyurethane and, once injected, solidify when in contact (with fresh or salt water).” This means that the foundation of all the structures in Venice can become water resistant and avoid erosion.

Padoan is no longer worried about the flooding that is expected in the upcoming months because these special resins are now being put to use for the first time ever and he is confident that they will work successfully. Hopefully, this will be the new way that all Venetians preserve their city during the dangerous ‘acqua alta’ season.





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