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  • Memories and comments from Emma Dante's company, the organizers, and the audience. On Saturday 18 November 2017 we had the pleasure of attending a vibrant performance of Emma Dante’s Le Sorelle Macaluso/The Sisters Macaluso by the Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale/Southern Company Western Coast. Memories and Comments from Emma Dante's Company, the Organizers, and the Audience
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    Art & Culture
    Alex Catti(November 27, 2016)
    A group of Italian language experts gathered at Montclair State University in New Jersey to discuss prospects regarding the study of the language and how it fares against the study of other languages. Guest speakers included Dennis Looney of the Modern Language Association, David Ward of Wellesley College, and Lucia Pasqualini from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome.
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    Kayla Pantano(November 08, 2016)
    Montclair University will host a conversation with the likes of Consul Francesco Genuardi and Lucia Pasqualini on the current state of the Italian language in order to foster interest in a structured and sustainable way. Discover a taste of the upcoming event's discussion through our interview with Associate Professor and Inserra Chair Dr. Teresa Fiore.
  • Mangia Piano: The Internationalization of Italian Local Foodways” A two-day event held at Montclair State University, sponsored by The Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies with the co-sponsorship of The Global Education Center and The Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America in collaboration with The Food Management Program of Montclair State University.
  • Interview with Renato Miracco, art critic, Museum Curator and Cultural Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. talks about Joseph Stella before his presentation titled “Stella and the Futurists: Italian Itineraries in the American Museums," as part of the panel discussion titled " Joseph Stella's Futurism between Italy and the U.S." sponsored and organized by the Inserra Chair.
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    A panel discussion titled Joseph Stella’s Futurism between Italy and the U.S. was held at the Billy Johnson Auditorium of the Newark Museum to shed light on the personality and life work of Joseph Stella, Italian born, American Futurist painter (1877-1946).
  • The popularity of Italian American Studies is on the rise in universities across the United States. Distinguished scholars met at the Calandra Institute September 9-10 to discuss the development and expansion of their programs. The conference, "Re-Thinking Italian American Studies: A National Symposium," is the first of its kind.