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  • Italian Americans during the rally. Photo Credit: Riccardo Chioni
    With flags, scarves, and tri-colored handkerchiefs, approximately 50 members of Italian-American organizations took part in Saturday’s rally at Columbus Circle. The following day in Queens marked the first meeting of Mayor de Blasio’s commission aimed at examining “symbols of hate.” The great navigator, Christopher Columbus, found himself at the center of the controversy surrounding the Commission and its mission.
  • L'intervento di Angelo Vivolo, Presidente dell'organizzazione 'The Columbus Citizens Foundation'. Foto di Joseph Sciame
    Con bandiere, sciarpe e fazzoletti tricolore, una cinquantina di membri di organizzazioni italoamericane ha preso parte al rally di sabato a Columbus Circle organizzato il giorno successivo la prima riunione nel Queens della Commissione esaminatrice dei “symbols of hate” voluta dal sindaco de Blasio, nel cui calderone si è ritrovato il Grande Navigatore
  • Italy’s world-renowned opera composer Giuseppe Verdi marched in this year’s Columbus Day Parade in Manhattan. Verdi was portrayed by actor, director, and playwright Massimiliano Finazzer, who spoke to i-Italy about his experience marching up New York’s Fifth Avenue dressed as the famous composer.
  • Un momento della parata sul Columbus Day con i costumi della Quintana di Foligno a New York
    Questo è l'editoriale che uscirà sul magazine in carta in lingua inglese nei prossimi giorni. Crediamo sia utile pubblicare e diffondere anche la sua versione in lingua italiana. Per il suo contenuto ma anche come anticipazione del nuovo numero di i-Italy.
  • The Map created in 1491 probably used by Christopher Columbus to navigate the Atlantic
    ONCE, WE WERE TAUGHT, he was a brave and bold explorer who sailed into the unknown and discovered the place we call home. Now, we understand, he was a genocidal mercenary who arrived thinking he was someplace else and kicked off five centuries of bloody oppression and exploitation. Okay, fine, nobody’s perfect, though it seems possible to believe he was both. Meaning we just have to decide which Columbus we’re going to ignore.