Soon in New York: ‘My Leonardo.’ A Unique Project

Massimiliano Finazzer Flory (October 06, 2016)
Renowned Italian director and actor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory will feature Leonardo Da Vinci on October 12th and 13th at 202 Coffey Street in Red Hook. The artist will bring the prototype of Leonardo da Vinci’s bicycle with him. This fascinating object will be shown at the Columbus Day Parade, and it will also be included in Finazzer’s shows. This is a unique opportunity to touch a piece of history hailing from the greatest artist of the Italian Renaissance.

What does it mean to wear a costume, put on makeup, wear a wig, a beard, a mustache, have your face turned white, feel a slight stiffness in your right arm, drag your feet slowly, feel the weight of the past on your body, be close to death and yet have the power of thought, of words, and of love? This is what it means “to be

Leonardo.” For months, actually, for more than a year, I will be wearing not only clothes, but also an image.

The transformation is not purely psychological; the concept of truth is essential. I don’t need to pretend to be good or to be bad, but I do need to be true. Although truth is inside each one of us, it comes to the surface; it becomes seen and suffered. Therefore, you can neither imitate nor pretend to be someone. I did not need to appear to be or pretend to be Leonardo, but rather, I need to be Leonardo. I need to live him.

In 1519 Leonardo da Vinci was dying. Three years from now, in 2019, there will surely be celebrations of his death. But for me these events were already in motion for quite some time, and they didn’t speak of his death, but rather, of his life. Leonardo is already on its journey, and it will always be, just like the inventor and interpreter of nature and of man was. For the next three years it will be in New York, particularly in Brooklyn.

With the support of the Stelline Foundation and the trust of the institutions in which Leonardo was born, lived, and worked, such as Vinci, Milano, Vigevano, we present the HUB Leonardo. This unique project combines the art of theater with modern technology; the fusion of theater and technology can be seen in my show “Essere Leonardo da Vinci” and in my multimedia installation, with video narration and music, that is dedicated to The Last Supper.

It is currently on display in Brooklyn. Within the next three years in America, we will accomplish two feats that initially seemed impossible: capturing the thought and the authentic Renaissance language of Leonardo, and the presentation of a digital work of art - the only one of its kind, based on something that cannot travel - the mural “The Last Supper.” With this project, we propose partnerships and alliances not only between theater and technology but also between the Renaissance and the creativity of our contemporary era. 

Seats are limited, confirmation is required: [email protected]

Info Location:

202 Coffey Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn 11231