Celebrate Carnevale with Chiacchiere

Rosanna Di Michele (January 29, 2015)
Whether you call them Chiacchiere, Frappe or Bugie, you are sure to find this typical dessert in every region of Italy during the Carnevale season.

Ingredients (4-6 servings): 

Flour (500 grams) 
Sugar (100 grams) 
Eggs (5)
Extra-virgin olive oil  (50 grams) 
A pinch of salt
Vanilla extract (one tsp.)
Powdered sugar - enough to sprinkle the chiacchiere.



-On a clean countertop, arrange the flour in the shape of a hill with a hole in the center.
-Pour the sugar, oil, vanilla extract and eggs in the middle.
-Add a pinch of salt and start to knead the dough until it forms into a ball.
-Cut the dough into slices and run each one through a pasta maker until it is as its thinnest.
-Cut the thinned out dough into 1 inch wide strips, and cut a 1 inch long slit in the middle of each strip.
-Warm up the oil in a deep pan and begin to fry the chiacchiere.
-Sprinkle the finished product with some powdered sugar and your CHIACCHIERE are ready!

Buon appetito

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 Ingredienti (4-6 persone):

Farina (gr.500)
Zucchero (gr.100)
Olio extravergine di oliva (gr.50)
Uova intere (5)
Pizzico sale
Vanillina (1 bustina)


-Disporre la farina a fontana; versare lo zucchero, l'olio e le uova.
-Aggiungere un pizzico di sale e Iniziare a lavorare l'impasto, fino e formare una palla.
-Tagliare a tranci l'impasto e iniziare ad assottigliare con la macchinetta fino al minimo spessore .
-Si fa scaldare in una pentola l'olivo e si cominciano a friggere le chiacchiere.
-Si spolverano con lo zucchero a velo e ...pronte le CHIACCHIERE !!!





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