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    Eataly Magazine(November 20, 2018)
    Tajarin (pronounced <tie-yah-REEN>) is the Piemontese version of tagliatelle. Unlike other types of egg pasta, these thin, golden strands are made with a higher proportion of egg yolks, resulting in a delicate texture and rich flavor. Tajarin were first served in Piemonte as early as the 1500s, often with a hearty ragù of organ meats, poultry, or rabbit reflecting the typical la cucina povera. Despite the pasta's humble origins, nowadays it is served with a simple, yet luxurious butter sauce and shavings of fresh white truffles of Alba.
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    This is the height of the truffle season, and Italy is host to a number of truffle fairs. The most important, the International Truffle Fair at Alba, in Piedmont, celebrates the incredibly aromatic white truffle. But truffles are found even near Rome, and almost year round.
  • Grilled Polenta With Mushrooms and Ragù
    Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    EATALY MAGAZINE(November 30, 2016)
    This alpine recipe for grilled polenta and hearty mushrooms is designed to warm you down to your toes after an exhilarating day in the cold winter air.
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    Valeria Vinci(December 15, 2013)
    Behind the great variety of products presented by la Rustichella, there is an old recipe belonging to Nonna Maria and Sergio Brugnoli's great determination to bring high quality Italian products to the rest of the world. This is an interview with his daughter, Francesca Brugnoli, who, along with the rest of the family, works hard at bringing the brand abroad.