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    I. I.(February 05, 2015)
    SD26 is a important NYC’s destination for authentic Italian cuisine. Located at Madison Square Park on 19 East 26th Street, SD26 just celebrated it’s 5th anniversary on January 20 with a gala complete with delicious food and Italian jazz music; the proceeds benefiting the “Tony May Scholarship for Italian Culinary Studies”. Francine Segan speaks with the father-daughter owners, Tony and Marisa May, and their executive chef, Matteo Bergamini, about the success of their restaurant.
  • An Evening of Italian Fare, Wines, Spirits and Live Music to Ensue: Proceeds to Benefit JBF and Brand New Scholarship! An exciting event happening at SD26 on next Tuesday Jan 20th, 2015. Tony and Marisa May are set to launch a brand new scholarship dedicated to keeping the legacy of fine Italian cuisine alive! In partnership with the James Beard Foundation, a fundraiser for the scholarship, will take place at SD26 on Tuesday January 20th from 6pm 11pm. Tickets are $95 (all inclusive) and $75 for James Beard Foundation members
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    Iwona Adamczyk(April 17, 2014)
    Marcella Hazan has done to Italian cuisine in America, what Julia Child has done for French cuisine. The celebration of what would have been the ninetieth birthday of Hazan was also a launch and a nationwide fundraised for The Marcella Hazan Scholarship at the ICC, which will provide funding to students at he ICC's Italian Chef Course in the name of the legendary cook.
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    A. G.(April 07, 2013)
    National Italian American Foundation held at Cipriani 42nd Street. Awards for their efforts were given to Italian-Americans particularly accomplished in their business field
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    Natasha Lardera(January 31, 2013)
    A closer look at the life and career of Marisa May, co-owner of SD26 on Madison Square Park and daughter of legendary restaurateur Tony May.
  • "I did a restaurant that I think is what the consumer wants today. I give them quality and use only the best ingredients. The dining room has an open kitchen, it creates a lot of movement in the restaurant, like a theater where you can eat well." Interview with Tony and Marisa May, owners of the recently opened SD26, a stylish and contemporary Italian restaurant and wine bar located in the heart of Manhattan