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  • Staten Island. Casa Belvedere, an Italian style mension, has become the new Italian Arts and Culture Center that seeks to preserve and promote the appreciation of Italian language, art, literature, history, fashion, cuisine, and commerce while also celebrating the Italian heritage and the contributions that Italians and Italian-Americans have made to the fabric of the United States.
  • The 8th Samurai Trailer
    Several years ago, in a writing group at the Calandra Institute, I got to know a young film director named Justin Ambrosino. Below is a conversation that Justin and I recently had about his career, and inspiration
  • John Marchi passed away last Saturday. In my opinion, he was among the best and the brightest and he deserves a place alongside New York City's other unblemished political heroes such as Fiorello LaGuardia and Mario Cuomo. He left us at a time when positive political role models for Italians, Italian Americans, and those who want to be, are becoming scarce. History repeats and our time is another one during which too many elected representatives are being exposed as disgraces of one sort or another. Even in the heat of battle, John Marchi demonstrated that the connection between disgrace and politics is not a given, and on the contrary that the connection between grace and Italianita is.