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  • Main characters of the Netflix series "Suburra." From left to right: Aureliano "Numero 8" Adami (Alessandro Borghi), Gabriele "Lele" Marchilli(Eduardo Valdarnini), Alberto "Spadino" Anacleti (Giacomo Ferrara)
    The Italian television market is making its mark on the international community with creative and exhilarating shows that deviate from tradition. Demands from the global media landscape have prompted local content providers to step up their game. The Italian series breaking into the Netflix platform serve as just one example of this.
  • The countdown to 2015 is upon us. It’s time to embrace the tradition and magic of the upcoming holidays in style! Italian style, that is! I know it can be hard to pick and choose among the endless variety of clothes the fashion world throws our way. So here are a few tips to help you navigate the aisles and give new meaning to the word “gift.”
  • The Great Beauty and The Human Capital triumphed at the David di Donatello Competition. The former won 9 statuettes, in the form of Donatello's famous sculpture, including Best Director to Paolo Sorrentino, while the latter ot 7, the most important being Best Film. Among all other Awards, two were given to Pif, Piefrancesco Diliberto, for his film The Mafia Only Kills in Summer, that was just presented in New York at the Open Roads Film Festival. And Cannes Film Festival homaged Sophia Loren. The 79-year-old Neapolitan diva. won her first Donatello prize in 1959
  • He was surely expecting it, but when the latest judiciary act involving former Premier Silvio Berlusconi arrived on Oct. 23, by all accounts it nevertheless came as una tegola in testa--a roof tile dropped on his head. This latest incrimination, which will bring Berlusconi to trial before a penal court on Feb. 11, is for vote-buying and is no less serious than the others--on the contrary. Berlusconi, already convicted of tax fraud, obviously fears time in prison, however unlikely. Coincidentally, the Italian supreme Cassations court has just cleared Sophia Loren, who did spend time in prison, for alleged tax dodging.
  • Italian pilates instructor Flavia Bruni is inspired in her work by the sensuality of her native country where art, flavors, and beauty pervade everyday life. She has designed programs that help women develop fit and healthy bodies that move with the natural elegance of stars like Sophia Loren.