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  • In a recent article New York Times reporter Michael Kimmelman asked the bizarre question “Is Italy Too Italian?” suggesting that Italy is so tradition bound, insular and lacking in upward mobility that it risks to sink in a “gradual, grinding decline". We actually find that “Magical Italy,” the “storia, cultura ed arte", is being left to rot and ruin: the country is doing its best to shoot itself in the foot, fast, beginning with a sickening neglect of its greatest single and unique strength, its deep culture. Maybe the question we should ask ourselves is “Is Italy believing too much in magic, at the expense of common sense?”
  • The "Privacy Law" wanted by Silvio Berlusconi passed in the Senate in a vote of confidence on Thursday. In Italy’s “darkest moments” for press freedom, as the National Federation of the Italian Press defined it, can writer Stefano Benni's telephone jokes make us laugh?
  • After 19 years of marriage and three children, Veronica Lario decided to divorce her husband, the Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi. It quickly became news in Italy, and not only in Italy . The issue exploded with Veronica’s angry accusation that her husband was considering some young actresses and models as candidates in the upcoming elections to the European parliament.
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    Maria Rita Latto(August 29, 2008)
    The first 100 days of the Italian center-right government, led by Silvio Berlusconi, as seen by the American magazine “Newsweek”
  • Life & People
    Maria Rita Latto(August 06, 2008)
    Silvio Berlusconi and women are constantly under the microscope. This time, though, it is not a woman in person, even if rumors keep spreading as usual...