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  • Gruppo Italiano (GI) and Il Gattopardo Group recently put on a rare Italian pastry baking demonstration by famed Pastry Chef, Pietro Macellaro. The i-Italy team got the opportunity to talk to the master chocolatier as well as the owner of Italian fine dining restaurants, Gianfranco Sorrentino, in an exclusive interview.
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    L. A.(July 20, 2016)
    This is a story of emigration like so many others, or so it may seem. But in our opinion, this one has a special determination. We are talking about two brothers originally from Salerno, Fabio and Ciro Casella. About the patron saint of their city, San Matteo, who “protected” their business in New York. We are talking about their family bonds, about panuozzo – a sandwich made with pizza dough, and about their passion for coffee amongst so many other things.
  • On April 8th, the Westchester Italian Cultural Center will welcome Fred Gardaphe, Distinguished Professor of English and Italian American Studies John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, to participate in the panel In The Name of the Father and The Son: Italians Migrations in the art of Joseph and William Papaleo. Professor Gardaphe will analyze the relationship between Joseph and William Papaleo, father and son, respectively a writer and painter. Comparing two generations, which, through their own artistic perspective, have both touched upon the themes of emigration - immigration.
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    Judith Harris(January 11, 2011)
    In Welcome to the South, Luca Miniero's remake of an acclaimed French comedy, a North Italian postal employee aspires to a transfer to Milan, but instead finds himself dispatched to a small town near Naples...
  • The mayor of the small town of Pollica Angelo Vassallo was gunned down execution style on Sunday night. He had strongly opposed the camorra’s interests in big public contracts related to the harbor and other tourist infrastructures. There are no witnesses, no suspects. It is very likely that nobody will be apprehended for his murder