You chose: new year

  • In April of 2013 President Giorgio Napolitano had reluctantly agreed to re-election after warring politicians failed to agree upon a successor. Now 89, he told Italians in his ninth and final traditional New Year’s Eve address, “I believe I am no longer able to carry out my responsibilities. It is time to return to constitutional regularity. I did my best.” At this first formal confirmation of his forthcoming resignation, listeners were deeply moved, but also, judging from talk shows and tweets, surprisingly self-analytical.
  • Tips on how to invite money and fortune, on how to keep the evil spirits at bay and welcome the good, ones, what to wear, what to eat and do. Italians respect traditions not only because they work but also because they are cost effective.
  • SHANGAI ...In this period the grayness of this city is lit up by the red decorations: paper lanterns, good luck scrolls, zodiac animal signs…homes and buildings made up to look their best, like a woman going out on a date….