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  • In terms of mothering, few countries beat Italy, land where "La Mamma" traditionally ruled the roost. All the more ironical, therefore, that on Mother's Day May 8, the question asked was whatever happened to maternity in Italy, where statistics show that the empty cradle is ever more the norm.
  • Homage to Mother Italy. The annual ceremony for Mother's Day took place once again in the park adjacent to Hunter College, in a courtyard, which houses the sculpture "Mother Italy", a work of art created by the genius from Abruzzo, Giuseppe Massari. The ceremony was the occasion to honor Consul General of Italy to New York Natalia Quintavalle in the last year of her mandate in New York
  • MOTHER DAY. A STORY FROM OUR BLOGGER, A SPECIAL ITALIAN MUM IN CHINA. "Like in a hospital nursery where new parents smile at each other, exchanging congratulations and commenting on their babies’ hair, eye color, skin complexion and weight…so all of us new adoptive parents having dinner around a big Chinese table, peacefully talk about our children’s ‘imperfections’: spina bifida, missing limbs, benign tumors…"